Mocha and Chai – A Harry Potter Fanfiction

For the Hermione’s Haven Roll-A-Drabble, 8/18. My roll was Luna Lovegood and a Coffee Shop. I dig it, hope you do as well!

There was a standing “date” at a coffee shop about three blocks from the hidden entrance of the Leaky Cauldron. The employees knew it, the regulars knew it, even the old couple that took their afternoon stroll past the windows knew it. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 5 p.m. you could find the pair huddled on a couch that sat just inside the door of the shop and faced the small stage that was frequently used for open mic nights by the local “bohemians”. They were always sat close together and spoke in low tones. If you listened closely when you walked past, you would hear words like “obliviate” and “nargles”. You might not know what they meant, but those two most certainly did.

They were visually opposites. One had sleek, blonde hair (sometimes pulled up into a bun and held by a stick), pale skin, and large blue eyes. The other had dark brown, curly hair, sun kissed skin, and narrow, thoughtful brown eyes. The blonde was often dressed in bright colors, especially yellow. “For luck you know.” The brunette was more conservatively dressed, often in a pencil skirt and matching blouse as if she had just come from working at an office.

They usually spent about two hours there, with cups of mocha (for the brunette, just so she could get through the rest of the day) and chai tea (for the blonde, to clear her head of Blimbbering Humdingers). Some days they talked non-stop, the brunette venting her frustrations with her office co-workers and friends. The blonde would listen with a thoughtful smile on her face, never really offering advice, but giving an ear to listen. Then there were the days that they didn’t talk at all. They sat there and read, switching books or magazines when they were done.

After the first month, the coffee shop owner learned their names. Though he felt they were odd, he didn’t say anything. He was just happy to have a names with a faces. The blonde was Luna and the brunette was Hermione. Really they were lovely names for two lovely young ladies.

They continued to come to the shop for several months. It was always peaceful and whoever was on duty that day knew to make sure the couch was cleared off by five so the girls had a place to sit. Sometimes the brunette would be late and those would be the days the barista could hear her fussing all the way from the counter. There was never a mess when they left and if they had read books from the “Give and Take” shelves, they were returned and organized neatly, often more neatly than before.

Then one Tuesday, about eight months after they started coming, only Hermione showed up. She got her mocha and sat on the couch. She pulled a book from her bag and began to read, a slight frown on her face. You could tell she wasn’t paying attention the book because she sat there for almost 30 minutes at one point, staring at the book without turning a page. The owner was there that day and asked if she was ok. Hermione just smiled tremulously and nodded her head. “Yes, I’m ok. Thanks.” He nodded back at her and left her be. She sat there the usual two hours before returning the book to her shelf, the cup to the counter, and left. Her gait was slow and heavy. The owner was concerned for the girl and said a silent prayer that everything would be ok.

Thursday was the same, except it was Luna. She seemed as equally distracted as her counterpart, barely sipping her chai and not even picking up a book or magazine. She stared at the little stage lost in thought. It was a different person on duty that day and she mentioned it to the owner the following day, he sighed and shrugged. He explained about Hermione on Tuesday and now they were both worried.

Saturday came and neither woman showed up. The owner had made a point to be there that day and became more anxious. He had grown to like the women not only for their quiet demeanor but for the love they seemed to share for each other. Oh they never admitted they were partners or anything like that. It was just something they exuded. It was the way Luna would just stare at Hermione when the brunette was getting lost in a book. Or how Hermione would subtly grab Luna’s hand and keep hold of it all afternoon. Just the little things.

Neither showed up at all the next week, nor the next. It was nerve wracking for the staff because they had no idea where the girls lived or how to check on them. Even the old couple who passed every day stopped in and asked about them.

And then they were there.

They burst into the coffee shop on a Tuesday afternoon three weeks after the first time one went missing. They were all smiles and laughter and holding hands. They could barely take their eyes of each other and almost tripped on their way to the counter. They got their drinks and made their way over to the couch to sit. No books for them today. The owner beamed at them as he approached from the back.

“Well, nice to have you back ladies!”

Hermione blushed as Luna beamed. “Well,” the blonde said. “We’ve only just come back from our honeymoon. We haven’t even seen our family yet. We knew this would be our first stop because it means so much to us.”

The owner beamed and let them know their drinks were on the house the rest of the week.

They continued their coffee house visits for years. When the owner got on in years and decided to sell, they bought it. It was their shop, their place of peace. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.


In the End – A Charlie Weasley/Dr. Stephen Strange Fanfiction

For the Marvelously Magical Facebook Group Roll A Drabble, 8/18. My Roll was Charlie Weasley/Dr. Stephen Strange/Break Up. Inspired by Cole Swindell, “Break Up in the End”. My first try on a Roll-A-Drabble and I kinda like it. Enjoy!


It was in the mountains of Tibet where they met. Charlie was searching for a rare Blue-Ridge Tibetan Uni-horn and had stopped at a mid-range inn for the night. The locals let the strange traveler be at the end of the bar. He’d sat there for a couple of hours and enjoyed some stew and nursed a very thick ale. It was almost like being at a pub back in England.

When the door opened around 10 o’clock, the cold breeze it admitted startled Charlie out of his   wandering thoughts. A tall man wearing a red cloak walked in looking around the inn critically. Charlie was immediately on guard. There shouldn’t have been any other wizards in the area as he had come on the trip alone and the nearest wizarding village was miles away. He tapped the wand in the holster on his left arm to reassure himself and watched the man out of the corner of his eye.

His distinctive American accent first caught his interest. Charlie was really a sucker for accents. His eyes were sharp, scanning the room as he ordered his stew and a water. He sat on the stool by Charlie as he waited for his food. Charlie hung his head closer to his bowl, letting his long auburn locks hang on either side of his head. Through the strands, he took in the stranger. He was tall and lean, but looked solid. Not wiry at all. The cloak he wore seemed to have a mind of his own as it floated around him. His hair was dark with attractive white streaks right at his temples and his goatee was neat and trim, framing his full lips. “Not bad at all” Charlie thought.

“Is it good?” Charlie was jerked from this thoughts as the stranger addressed him. Charlie glanced at the man briefly before turning back to his mostly empty bowl, blush deep on his face. He cleared his throat.

“Um, yeah I suppose. It’s not my mum’s but it’s decent.” He felt the man beside him shift.

“British huh?” his voice was deep and rolled easily into Charlie’s ears. Charlie just nodded, head still down.


Charlie raised his head and eyebrow at the man. “No more strange than an American at an inn in the middle of the Tibetan mountains.”

The man chuckled, deep and throaty. It did things to Charlie that he hadn’t felt in many years. He found he liked it very much. “No, sorry. Dr. Stephen Strange.” The man stuck his hand out. Charlie didn’t hesitate and grabbed it, shaking firmly. “Charlie Weasley”.

That first night they talked. About their lives (though both skirted around their different forms of magic), interests, families (well at least Charlie’s family). The next night it was more ale and shots of something call raksi (burned better than firewhiskey that’s for sure) and more laughter that Charlie hadn’t realized he had needed. And so it went, every night for a week and a half. Even after they had discussed their forms of magic, their conversations never faltered, only got more intimate. They seemed to be sitting closer together every night and accidental touches became more deliberate. It was nice to have someone to talk with that could understand the need for secrecy.

The first time they kissed was two weeks into their “friendship”. They had taken their drinks outside where Charlie had a cast a charm to keep the area warm. Stephen had leaned in, not hesitant in the least. His lips had been soft and warm against Charlie’s and he knew that he was done for.

His parents had floo’d in for a visit a month and a half after they met. Stephen had met them of course, and charmed the pants off of Molly and patiently explain how x-rays worked to Arthur. When Bill and Fleur stopped in a week later, he discussed runes with Bill and made jokes in fluent French with Fleur. Somehow, Stephen was everything Charlie could have wanted in a partner. Attentive, friendly, smart as a whip, sarcastic in a way that Charlie appreciated.

That’s why it was his best and worst mistake.

Charlie found his dragon, deep in a cave in the Tanggula range. He documented everything he could about it, noting his light eating habits and iridescent blue/grey wings that reminded him of the way Stephen’s eyes could change shades in an instant. He was there for half a year spending his days (and a few nights) with the dragon whom he named Drook. His nights were spent at the inn or in a tent with Stephen. Clothing was optional many nights as they learned every crease and scar on each other’s bodies.

Their last night together, there was no pretense between them. Stephen knew what was going to happen the next day and while neither liked it, they accepted it. They didn’t really sleep that night just spent the time wrapped in each other’s arms. No words were exchanged as the sun rose. They dressed and made their way to the spot that Charlie would take his portkey to the closest wizarding village. Their eyes met, sapphire against stormy grey.

Stephen sighed and stroked a wayward tangle of hair behind Charlie’s ear. “I will miss you.” His words were sad, voice low and deep as when they met.

Charlie just smiled. “Me as well.” They embraced one more time and Charlie turned to pick up the sardine can portkey. He smiled affectionately as the can activated and he was whisked away.

He knew it was bad idea to begin with. It could only end one way. There was no way it could be more than a fling. But the heart seems to want what it wants. It took time to get over it for sure, but Charlie knew one thing. Even knowing where it would lead and how it would end, he would do it all over again. It was worth it.

Satisfied – A Walking Dead Fanfiction

A/N – I can’t seem to escape inspiration from music. Let’s see if y’all can guess this one. It’s a goody from the 90’s 😉 oh yeah and this is my first attempt at….ahem adult situations. No killing me for bad writing!! It actually wasn’t even my intent to have that whole scene, but I was inspired and that’s what came out. So this is a prison AU and I think I covered the basics of my universe. Hope you enjoy!

BTW – I don’t own the walking dead, just some blu rays and a Shiva t-shirt


Rick Grimes was a man of simple tastes, even before the dead started walking. He loved his small town life with his wife and son. He loved his mostly quiet job (though he had to admit the few times they had a good chase or something more than kids being…well kids he thrived on the adrenaline) and the quiet weekends spent at the grill with a beer and listening to Shane expound upon his latest conquest. Or even spending a peaceful night in with Lori watching a movie and enjoying his biggest guilty pleasure: a big glass of sweet wine. Yes, Lori often complained and wanted “more than that podunk town” but it was usually in one ear and out the other for him. He was satisfied in his life.

But the dead were walking. And life was not so simple any more. Granted, they certainly had it easier now that peace had settled over the prison. The Governor was gone for good and the survivors were thriving. But there were still things that needed to be done. Food had to be grown, munitions made (it was such a major blessing when Abraham and his crew stumbled across the prison), buildings razed and so on. And Rick was in the thick of it. After the losses during the battle with The Governor, he needed the distraction to give him something to focus on.

Now he was almost back to content. Though people still looked to him as a leader, he merely sat on the council and helped lead with his team. He didn’t want to go back to the “Ricktatorship” they had endured that cold winter on the road. He was mostly settled and did not want the stress that he had borne. Now he kept the gardens, had even expanded to full out farming for some crops like the sorghum they found. About once a month he went out on a run, usually with Daryl or Carl, to remind himself what they were up against. He couldn’t forget that, especially now that he had more to live for than ever. He had friends, brothers and sisters, Carl, Judith…her.

It was on one such run with Daryl that he found the shack. It was set far back in the woods, down a long overgrown, dusty road. It was honestly amazing how well the shack had withstood the years of neglect and Georgia weather. He could tell when they pulled in front of it that it had once been a well maintained place. Old for sure, but steps and railings were still intact. Daryl banged on the door and waited as usual, but there was no answering growls or stumbling from inside the place. He and Rick exchanged a glance and a nod and entered. It was basic. A single room with a couch in front of a small fireplace to the right, a kitchen nook with a sink straight ahead, and a decent sized bed next to a wardrobe, trunk, and partially enclosed bathroom to the left. On the walls were several old posters boasting different festival events including “The Zydeco Boyz” playing on May 9, 1987 at the Cochon De Lait Festival in Mansura, Louisiana and the same band at the Pecan Festival on November 2, 1990 in Colfax, Louisiana. There was an accordion on the floor next to the bed and a banjo hanging on the wall next to it. Rick figured this man was a musician, maybe he had played at these places. Well, if he was from Louisiana, Rick had to wonder what he was doing in the backwoods of Georgia. He supposed it didn’t really matter anymore. The man was probably long gone at this point.

Daryl had made his way into the kitchen area and was banging around in the cabinets searching for anything usable. There were several jars of preserves and homemade canned tomatoes and blackeyed peas that looked good. “I’m gonna check outside, see if there’s anything else” he told Daryl. The hunter just grunted in his usual fashion and continued piling things into the bag he had brought in. Rick exited the shack and started left around the house. On the side, he noticed an overgrown spot close to the house. Upon investigation, he saw the grass and weeds was hiding a door that probably led down into a shelter. Rick’s curiosity peeked as did his hope. Maybe there was more canned stuff down here.

There was no lock on the outside of the door which made him a bit leery, but he banged on the door like Daryl had previously done and waited a moment. No noise came from the cellar, so Rick opened the doors. There was a foul stench coming from the bottom and he almost didn’t go down. But Rick was nothing if not thorough and if there was body down there, it most certainly wouldn’t be the first or the last. He had his Colt poised and ready in his right hand and pulled the flashlight from his back pocket with his left. He shined the light down and cautiously made his way down the steps. They squeaked and groaned every time his boots hit them, but nothing popped out at him. The bottom of the steps opened up to large open space. The left wall was lined with shelves that were mostly empty save for one that was lined with several more jars of homemade goods and what looked suspiciously like wine bottles. Rick’s gaze finally turned to the right and beheld a gruesome sight. There was a table with three chairs, one of which was occupied. The man, or at least he assumed it was a man, was long dead, reduced to stretched and dried skin a sickening grey/green color, a few hairs left on his head, and ragged clothes hanging off his body. There was a pistol on the floor by his hand and Rick could see evidence of a gunshot to the man’s head as well as blacked blood and brain matter on the table next to him. He also noticed a tear in the shoulder of the man’s shirt with dark stains around it. He was willing to bet the man was bitten and took his own life before he changed. Something they had seen far too often for his comfort. Rick’s gazed turned to the table and was immediately turned curious. There was a piece of paper and a pen on the table. Cautiously he picked up the paper and read.

To Whoever Finds This

Well I suppose I’m dead. Damn asshole came out of no where and weren’t nothing I could do about it. Took him out with me though, garadamntee that! Anyways, take what you need, I’m sure I have plenty and I won’t be needing it anymore. I’m gonna do the only thing I know I can do at this point and make sure I ain’t one of them wandering assholes. Enjoy the food and especially the wine. My grandmere’s recipe and aged to perfection. Don’t mind the dust, it’s still the best shit both sides of the mississip!

Michael “Creole” Williams

Rick re-read the note and sighed. Poor man. At least he was a peace. He took his bag from his shoulders and turned to the shelves. As he pulled the items down and stacked them gently in the bag, he thought about the wine. There were three bottle there and while not a necessity, they sure were nice to have around. He wrapped two in his extra clothes and held the other in his hand as he made his way out the truck he and Daryl had arrived in. He carefully placed the bag in the extended cab and looked at the bottle in his hand. Images of stars and blankets and his girl sharing this bottle with him danced across his mind. Rick smiled softly and placed the bottle under the driver seat for safe keeping. This one he wasn’t sharing with the group.

Daryl emerged from the cabin with the heavy bag of food over his shoulder. He put the bag in the extended cab just as carefully as Rick did and walked around the front of the truck. “Ready?” he asked. Rick started to nod but stopped himself. “Come on, gotta take care of one more thing” Rick answered. He reached in the bed of the truck and pulled a shovel out. He was going to give Creole a resting place, it was the least he could do.


The night was clear and bright, stars shined on the field the Rick parked the truck in. Granted, it was just a field behind the prison, but it was away from the rest of the people that constantly bugged them. Blankets covered the bed of the truck along with a few pillows stolen from the surplus in the laundry room. Rick sat with his back leaned against the cab of the truck, content with the woman in his arms. He never imagined he would feel this content again in this life, but here he was. And he really did have it good. His kids were healthy, his community was thriving, and he had a good woman standing by him.

That in it’s self really amazed him. It wasn’t love at first sight, far from it. But it was something that had grown over time, just as she had. When he first met Beth Greene, she was a farm girl struggling to understand the changes that were happening around her. Through the months on the road, she had grown in strength and her own determination to live. After Lori died and the care of Judith had unintentionally fallen on her, she settled into the role of fierce protector. And then with the fall of The Governor, she began training with Michonne and Daryl, determined to be more than just the babysitter. Her body became stronger, toughened from long hours spent with a knife and gun in hand, and that’s when Rick noticed. She was no longer the naïve 16 year old farm girl. Now she was a formidable 20 year old woman. He challenged anyone to go against her and try to hurt her family. It wasn’t going to happen. They had spent many a shift in the guard tower or on the fences killing walkers talking. Sometimes it was inconsequential things but others it was deep, introspective conversations. She was the first person he really opened to about his breakdown after Lori’s passing and she in turn spoke of her brush with suicide and how it affected her. They bonded over their mental states and rejoiced in their recovery. Neither of them realized it at first, but slowly they were falling in love. And then, they were there.

It was a late winter’s day when he finally noticed it. She was cuddling Judith in the courtyard, pointing out little things and encouraging her to try and say the names of them. Judith was almost two at this point and she was constantly babbling. Rick was walking from the cell block to the guard tower for a shift but he stopped in his tracks. The sight before him had him entranced. The sun was shining, making Beth’s hair glow. Her eyes were big and expressive, showing the joy she found in the little girl she held. When he turned his gaze to Judith, he saw the same joy reflected there. Every time she said a word right, Beth would clap her hands and make a big show of praising the girl. The more he watched, the more it hit him what he was seeing. This was a mother and her child, not just a babysitter and her charge. Both had shiny blonde hair, curls blowing wildly in the breeze. Their eyes were large and so expressive, though the colors were different. But it was the smiles that caught him. They were genuine and bright and so full of joy that it seemed to seep straight into him. He soaked it up, reveling in the happiness of his family.

Yes, his family.

Not just his daughter or son. But with the girl who snuck up on him and in a moment had stolen his heart. That night after putting Judith to bed, he had walked back to Beth’s cell. She writing at her desk and looked up when he appeared. At first he couldn’t speak. Rick had never realized how truly beautiful she was. Her deep blue eyes shimmered in the candle light and he felt like he was trapped in them. He couldn’t look away. But Beth seemed to know what he wanted before even he did. She rose from her seat and approached him slowly. Rick was frozen as she raised her hand to his face and lightly stroked his cheek. Not a word was spoken as she leaned up and gently pressed her lips to his, a bare whisper of a kiss. She didn’t give him a chance to respond to it before she pulled away, smiling at him. He finally broke from the spell he seemed to be under and placed his hands on her hips, pulling her flush to him and capturing her lips in a searing kiss. It wasn’t exactly what he came to her for, but he wasn’t going to argue with it. They stood there for a few moments, mouths moving in dance that while it was new to them, it felt like they had been doing it forever. Rick’s hands moved from her hips to her back and hair while hers tugged gently at the curls on the back of his head. He groaned in response and gripped her tightly.

Finally, the need for air broke them apart. He leaned his forehead against hers and took deep breaths, hoping to calm his racing heart. “Beth…” his voice was low and husky, full of everything he felt for her: love, comfort, desire. Beth smiled and nodded slightly. “I know, Rick. Me too.” He smiled and nodded back before pulling her into a tight hug, relishing in physical contact he hadn’t even realized he missed until that moment.

That had been two months ago and he couldn’t have been happier. Even though their physical relationship hadn’t advanced past passionate kisses and some not so innocent touches, neither of them had felt the need to rush into anything. And honestly, they hadn’t had much privacy for anything more. But now as they sat gazing at the stars, far from prying eyes and rumor mongers, they both knew there was chance. And Rick wasn’t going to pass it up.

Rick had told her about the shack in the woods and the man that had lived there. Beth was sympathetic to poor Creole’s plight as Rick knew she would be. When he pulled the still dusty bottle from underneath the driver’s seat, she clapped and squealed. “I’ve never had wine! Oh I hope it’s good still.” Rick chuckled at her enthusiasm and wiped off the bottle and checked the label. “Muscadine, 2005” Rick read. “Never had muscadine wine. Suppose there’s a first time for everything.” He pulled a Swiss Army knife from his pocket and pulled out the corkscrew tool. He popped the cork out with ease and grabbed a red plastic cup from behind her. “Nothin’ says class like a red Solo cup” he said with a laugh. Beth laughed with him and held her cup steady as he poured. She took a small sip and her eyes widened. “Wow! This is really good!” She exclaimed. Rick took a sip and had to agree with her. It was sweet, but not overpoweringly so. You could still taste the crisp fruit and there were some earthy tones that mellowed it out. He took a bigger sip and leaned back against the cab and brought Beth into his chest. They sat quietly for a while just enjoying the wine, the stars, and each other’s company.

When her cup was empty, Beth placed it next to Rick and looked up at him. She felt light and happy, not really drunk but maybe a little more relaxed. It was an amazing feeling and it gave her courage. He was staring up at the stars, fingers idly tracing patterns up and down her arm and she took the opportunity to just watch him for a moment. He was so beautiful to her. A usually world weary face with wrinkles and stress lines was relaxed now, blue eyes glimmered in the starlight. His beard was at the perfect point to her, not overgrown and bushy, but not just stubble and roughness. It was almost soft and tickled her whenever his lips ventured down her neck. She shivered as she thought about how that scruff would feel brushing in other places like her sides or even between her thighs. Rick tightened his grip on her, pulling her more into his body. She was between his legs, turned sideways with her legs draped over his right leg. “Cold?” he asked.

Beth shook her head. “No, just…thinking.” Rick turned his face to hers and raised his eyebrows in question. Beth heaved a deep sigh and prepared herself to lay it on the line. “I was thinking about this.” She reached up and scratched his beard. “You know I love how it tickles me when we kiss.” He chuckled at that. He sure did know and made sure to tickle her as often as he could. “I was just wondering how it would feel…well other places.” Rick tilted his head to the side still gazing at her. “Other places huh?” His voice had take on that low, seductive tone that made her knees weak and a throb pulse between her legs.

Rick set her on the truck bed next to him and leaned forward. He moved around to where he was on his hands and knees leaning over her, forcing her onto her back. Her head fortunately landed softly on one of the pillows behind them. Beth had her lip between her teeth, gnawing on it in anticipation. He hovered, not touching her at all yet. She closed her eyes in hopes of a kiss as he leaned forward. But he didn’t kiss her. He stopped so close to her face she could feel the heat coming off his skin. “Well,” he rasped. “I know you like to be tickled here.” Goosebumps rose across her skin down her neck as he raked his beard down her body. She forced her hands to remain still as he moved his head to her chest. “And here.” He blew gently over the tank top right above her left breast. He continued his path down her body. “But I wonder if it would tickle here?” Rick paused at her belly button, right where her shirt had ridden up a little bit at the waist band of her jeans. Again his breath hit her skin and she squirmed. And then he continued. Beth’s legs seemed to have a mind of their own as they spread to allow him to settle between them. His face was now turned to her left inner thigh and she was positively panting. “What about here?” His eyes met hers and she could see, even in the little starlight they had, that they had darkened. He wanted this as much as she did.

Not able to stand it anymore, Beth reached for him and pulled his face back up to hers, capturing his lips in a soul searching kiss. Just like the first time, their lips moved together as if they had been doing it for years. His left arm braced himself over her as his right stroked her side, moving closer to her breast with each pass. Finally he stopped and massaged her breast gently, paying attention to her sensitive nipples. Beth moaned into his mouth as her hands made their way down his back to the tail of his shirt. They slipped under easily and ran over the smooth skin of his back, raking her nails lightly. That seemed to spur him on as his hand moved from over the shirt to the bottom of it and underneath. He pulled away from the kiss to make his way down her neck, making sure to rub his face along the column of her neck again to stimulate her. Beth gasped at the feeling. This was always amazing, but tonight it was so much more. It was more because tonight, there was no stopping. She wouldn’t tell him to wait, she was ready for this, for him.

Rick grabbed the bottom of her shirt and glanced at her, the question obvious in his eyes. She just nodded at him and sat up a little to help him pull it over her head. He took in the sight of her mostly naked torso. She was slender and not exactly small breast. Not huge or anything, but just enough. Her breasts were encased in a simple white cotton bra (practicality above all!) and she took the initiative to remove it, something she had never done before. Rick’s breath shook a little. It had been so long since he had seen a woman in any kind of sexual way and Beth was any man’s fantasy come to life. He admired her for a moment before lowering his lips to the already tightening pink nipple topping her left breast. He placed a small kiss on it first before pulling it gently between his lips. Beth gasped at the sensation and grabbed his hair. He lavished attention on her nipple and breast while his right hand came up to cup her right breast, massaging and gently tugging at the nipple. Beth could feel herself getting wet and wanted more than anything to squeeze her thighs together and relieve some of the pressure. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt, gently tugging it up his body. Rick pulled away from her to remove the shirt but quickly returned, this time to her right breast and giving it the same treatment. Her skin was soft under his calloused hand and tasted slightly salty from a days work. He loved it.

Beth couldn’t keep her hands still now that she had rid him of his shirt. His back was smooth and taught, his muscles bunching and twitching as she explored him. She was slow and methodical, exploring every dip and curve. Her hand traveled down his left side and traced the scar from his gunshot wound. Rick shivered at her touch and looked up at her. Their eyes locked, lost in the moment for a second before Rick returned his gaze to her body. He kissed his way down her chest and stomach, stopping at the waistline of her jeans. Her hands returned to his hair, scratching his scalp as he made way across her hips. It wasn’t that it was particularly “naughty” that turned her on. It was the intimacy. She had never let anyone see or touch her like this and she would only do this with the man she loved. And she did, she loved Rick more than anything in this world and she would do anything for or with him.

She grabbed his face turning it up to look into his eyes. “I love you. I love you so much sometimes I can hardly believe that you’re with me. I’m ready Rick. I want to show you how much I love you. Please, I…I need you.” Rick stared at her for a long moment, taking her in. Her eyes spoke the truth behind her words and he smiled softly at her. He raised up again and came up level to her face. “I love you too Beth. Now and always.” Then he kissed her. His lips were still soft on hers, but there was something different this time. They were demanding, needing all of her to surrender to him, to give him everything she had. And she did. Her mind, her body, her soul were his for the taking and he greedily accepted them.

Rick grasped her hips before moving one of them down her legs. One at a time, he removed her boots and socks. His hands trailed up her legs to the button of her jeans. He stared at her when he popped the button and slowly lowered the zipper. He paused for a moment, making sure she was still ok. Rick wanted her to have to opportunity to stop this now before it even really began because he wasn’t sure he would be able to later. Beth just smiled and traced her fingertips down his arms to his hands and squeezing them in reassurance. He rocked back on his heels and grabbed the waist of her jeans and panties, dragging them down her legs. Every inch of creamy skin that was revealed made him harder and harder. Rick couldn’t honestly recall the last time he was this hard this quickly, but he knew it was all down to her. She was perfect. Her skin was still pale, no matter how much sun she got. Her legs were surprisingly smooth and he couldn’t help but be thankful for the large supply of razors they had recently found. He picked up her right leg and starting at her ankle, he planted small kisses up her inner thigh. His beard did indeed tickle her, but in a good way. A way that made her moan and writhe in anticipation of where the kisses were leading. He paid the other leg the same attention only this time he kept going to where her hip and thigh met. Beth wondered what he was doing as he stopped and just admired her. Where he had expected her curls to be a bit untamed, she had managed to keep them neat and trim. She was beautiful, untouched not just by a man but by the world. Her innocence was apparent from head to toe and that was one of Rick’s favorite things about her. Now, he would take a piece of that innocence and had no qualms about it.

Rick breathed across Beth’s center, making her shiver. He brought a single finger up to trace her slit. She was already so wet, which he was glad for. His finger traced her a moment, enjoying her reaction as she moaned softly, her breathing already starting to get heavy. He stopped at her entrance, teasing her a little. Beth’s hips twisted as she sought…well she wasn’t sure but she knew she was missing something. And she finally found it when Rick entered her with one finger. She moaned at the sensation. It was odd, but felt oh so good. He slowly pumped his finger in and out, getting her used to it. He was going have to give her release now as her was almost positive she wouldn’t get one later. This was all about her and he wanted to make sure she was satisfied.

Beth enjoyed the sensation of Rick’s finger inside of her, but it became even better when his lips joined in. He started with little licks around her entrance, tracing each lip before touching the tip of his tongue to her clit. She bucked sharply at that, not sure if the sensation was invasive or wonderful. She went with wonderful as Rick pressed his lips to it, sucking gently and causing her to press down on the finger that was still inside her. He continued his ministrations, adding a second finger to stretch her out a bit more. Beth felt something building inside, something she had never felt before, not even in her own explorations of her body. It felt taught, a string wanting to break. She couldn’t control the moans that were leaving her mouth, though she did have the sense to at least press her hand over it to keep the sounds down. Last thing they needed right now was a walker or some one from the prison to hear them and come to “assist”.

Rick could tell she was close but unsure of what was happening. She had admitted she wasn’t sure if she ever had an orgasm and 99 times out of 100 if you weren’t sure, you hadn’t had one. He kept the steady rhythm of his fingers as he pulled away slightly from her to speak. “Let go Beth. Just let it happen. Show me your love.” He kissed her clit again and arched his fingers just slightly, hoping to hit that mysterious spot inside her. He must have done something right because her back arched, one hand pressed to her mouth tightly while the other that had been scratching his scalp began pulling at his hair tightly. He didn’t mind, not one little bit. What had been flutters moments ago had turned in to full spasms as she tightened around his fingers. He twitched hard in his pants, his dick ready to be released and sheathed inside of her.

Beth’s breath was wild for a few moments as she enjoyed the best thing she had ever experienced. Yeah, Rick was right, she had never had an orgasm. And she thoroughly enjoyed that. When her breath slowed and she was finally able to open her eyes, she was met with Rick’s dark blue and knew it was time. She lowered her hands to his waist and around to the button, slowly undoing it and lowering the zipper. And just as he had done with her, she paused to look at him one more time for reassurance. He smiled that little half smile she loved so much and she began to lower the jeans down his legs. She had to pause when she realized he still had his boots on, but he didn’t seem to mind. Rick sat back on his bare bottom and helped her remove them, noticing her eyes were carefully focused on his feet until he was finally able to remove the last article of clothing. Then she looked at him, looked at the only part of the mainly anatomy that she had never seen in person.

It was nothing like she had expected from reading biology books. It was long, hard, almost purple and…was it twitching? She glanced up at Rick who had a smirk planted firmly on his face. He knew he was a bit above average and had absolutely no shame about it. Hesitantly, Beth reached out to touch him. She wrapped her little fingers around him eliciting a moan from deep in Rick’s throat as he enjoyed the touch. She pump experimentally a few times, enjoying how hot, heavy, and smooth he felt in her hand. Rick threw his head back trying every trick he had in his head to not completely blow it right then and there. After a few moments, he placed his hand on her wrist and she looked up at him. “I love you and your touch, but I can’t take much more without losing it. I want more than that right now.” Beth nodded at him and he leaned forward capturing her lips again. They kissed as he laid her back down on the truck back. He reached over to his pants and pulled something out of the pocket. Beth pulled away and looked at him questioningly. “I’ve had it in my pocket for about a week. I can’t say I wasn’t hoping, but I knew I would never push you. And surprisingly, it is not expired, at least by our best estimations.” He showed her the condom and she smiled at him. Well, at least one of them was thinking. She hadn’t even considered it honestly.

Rick quickly torn open the package and rolled the condom down his shaft. He settled back between her legs, holding himself at her entrance. Pressing his lips to hers with a whispered “I love you” he pushed into her heat in one swift moment. He felt it the second he broke through her innocence and began showering her face with kisses. Beth gripped his shoulders tightly and tried to relax. She finally succeeded and began to adjust to the intrusion. It was such a foreign feeling, but not unwanted. It felt right, like it was supposed to be like this all along. Finally, Beth opened her eyes and met Rick’s, nodding slightly for him to continue. Rick pulled out slightly and pushed back in, enjoying the tight warmth that he was encased in. No words were spoken, just sighs and small moans of pleasure as they enjoyed each other. He felt the connection between them growing stronger with every push inside of her and he wanted it to last. Beth moved her hands to his side, running around to his back and scraping over it. The pain had passed quickly for her and now that unfamiliar sensation was building again. It wasn’t as strong as before but with every thrust, it was there to increase the pleasure. Rick leaned one arm next to her head and with the other he caressed her breast, pinching her nipple making her gasp and arch beneath him. It wasn’t long before his movements were speeding up and they were both gasping for breath in between muffling their cries with kisses. Rick’s thrusts became stuttered and short until he finally gave one last hard push and came, her name falling from his lips.

They laid there for several moments, a little sweaty and catching their breaths. Rick placed tender kisses around her face before ending in deep kiss on the lips. When they pulled away, Rick rolled over just enough to remove the condom and wrap it in a paper towel. He grabbed another paper towel and dampened it with a water bottle and rolled back to her. Gently, lovingly, he used the paper towel to clean her between her legs. He knew she would be sore later, but he would do what he could to ease her pain now. He tossed the used towel and laid back on the truck bed, pulling her close to him. Rick knew her eyes were already drooping, so he tilted her face to his and gave her one last sweet kiss. “I love you.” It was barely a whisper from her lips, but he heard and responded in kind. She was asleep within moments and pulled one of the thick blankets they had brought over them.

Rick gazed at the stars for a moment before shutting his eyes. He sent up a prayer of thanks to Ol’ Creole for the bottle of dusty wine and another to God for the woman in his arms. It took loosing so much to gain so much more. And now with his semi-simple life Rick Grimes could finally say he was satisfied.


A/N 2 – Ok so I just have to say this. The Cochon De Lait and the Pecan Festival are both events in their respective towns. If you’re ever in Louisiana around those times, feel free to stop by. May be small, but we always have a great time at them!

Anticipation – A Walking Dead Fanfiction

A/N: So I tend to get inspired by music and this one is no different. When I heard “Light It Up” by Luke Bryan, I thought of Daryl being obsessed with his phone after meeting a girl. And of course, that girl had to be Beth cuz… well Bethyl. ‘Nuff said. Anywho, enjoy!


“You check that damn phone one more time, Imma throw it out the goddamn winda!”

Merle Dixon’s voice was not what one would call melodious. It was harsh, raspy and grating if you weren’t used to it. But his “baby brotha” was used to it, so he paid it no mind. No instead he glanced at his phone one more time. He swore he saw something flash on it, but nope. Nothing there. He heaved a sigh and turned back to his now slightly warm beer. It wasn’t like he had checked every 30 seconds for the last 20 minutes. Oh wait…

“What the hell’s got you so twitchy anyways? Got summin’ ya wanna tell me? Sum…lady issues?”

And that was the sum of it! Daryl did have “lady issues”. Well maybe that was inaccurate. It was more that he wanted lady issues and said lady was not responding to him. Of course he had only sent one text, but had expected a response. He knew it had been sent properly and was pretty certain it had been read. But no answer. No smiley face thing, no “Hi”, not even a gently worded “Fuck off”.

Three days ago, Daryl had finally given in to the modern age and got a smart phone. Not an iPhone, no he wasn’t some kinda hipster wanna be. He got a Samsung something or other. His boss at the shop had told him he needed a more reliable way to get ahold of his best worker, so Daryl had carried his ass down to the AT&T store and got himself the toughest one he could find.

The salesman had been nice enough and showed him how to set up his contacts and take pictures. He even showed him how to text message and email if he wanted to. Daryl didn’t. He was a simple man with simple needs and just wanted to be able to contact his boss and maybe his brother. Merle had given him shit about it of course, but Daryl didn’t care. Well, at least til he met her.

That night they had gone to bar clear across King County. Merle had a hankering for something different and Daryl being the dutiful brother he was, followed him over to make sure Merle didn’t make too much of an ass of himself. Daryl had sat at the bar while Merle played some pool, flirted and danced with some of the ladies. When the stool next to him was suddenly occupied, it startled Daryl out of his musings on motorcycle parts. And boy was he glad for the distraction.

She looked young, no more than 19 though he knew she had to be at least 21. They were real strict about that at this bar. Long legs were topped off with a slim body and graceful arms. Her hair was shiny and golden blonde, a natural color that other women tried to achieve but failed miserably and only wound up with a stringy mess on their heads. Her lips were pale pink and plump, a tiny nose perched pertly above them. But it was the eyes that sold him. Big, innocent looking and the brightest blue he had ever seen. Definitely much bluer than his own. And right at that moment they were filled with mirth as she attempted to hold in some laughter.

“Oh my word, I swear that woman has absolutely no shame! And I have no problem laughin’ at her!”

If Daryl hadn’t been looking at her, he wouldn’t have known she was talking to him. But he was (no, not staring…well maybe a little) so he just smirked and raised an eyebrow. She smiled widely at him and nodded her head back towards the dance floor. Daryl cast his eyes that direction and nearly burst in to Merle worthy laughter. There was his brother, beer in one hand while his other was grasping on to the waist of a woman as they “danced” (if you can call grinding so hard you’re practically fucking dancing). The woman’s arms were wrapped around his brother’s neck as they appeared to be trying to eat each other’s faces. Daryl snorted and shook his head. Only Merle.

The woman next to him laughed as she plucked the bowl of peanuts off the bar and ate a few. She eyeballed the bowl a moment in thought and Daryl caught the moment where it connected for her. She lifted her eyes to his, a devious smile dancing in her eyes and on her lips. Daryl returned it and grabbed a couple of peanuts from the bowl just as she did. They turned back to the couple on the floor and began hurling the salted nuts at them. Merle was the first to realize what was going on and pulled himself away from the woman before he turned his head around the bar, eyes narrowed and searching for the idiot that dare interrupt his super happy fun time.

Daryl and the woman turned back to the bar, her hand covering her lips in an effort to cover her giggles. Daryl just shook his head at her as he heard the door to bar open and shut loudly. He glanced back at the dance floor and sure enough, Merle and the woman were gone. He sighed deeply. Well, at least neither of them had drank that much. They’d both get home ok.

Except Daryl had ridden with Merle. And now Merle was gone.

Fuck his life.

Daryl finished off his beer and waved the bartender over. Well, if he was gonna have to get a cab home, he was gonna make it worth it. He ordered two shots of whiskey and another beer. When the bartender returned, Daryl passed one of the shots to the blonde and she turned to him, eyes still twinkling with mirth. She raised an eyebrow in question. “To pissin’ my brotha off and gettin’ away with it. Not many people can do that” he told her. She stared for a moment, a little scared he could tell. Maybe she thought he would be pissed. But he just smirked at her again and raised his shot glass. She grabbed hers and they tapped them together before throwing them back. She shook her head and shouted “WHEW!” and slammed the glass.

And that was it. No more was said about Merle and she just started talking to him. Asking his name, his brother’s name, what he did for a living, what he was doing in this little dive bar. He learned her name was Beth, a 25 year old teacher. She had one sister and one brother and lived about five miles from the bar with her mama and daddy on the farm (“I’ve almost got enough for a down payment on the house I want!”). She liked kids, good beer, and singing any chance she got. They talked a good while, so long in fact they both startled when the bartender hollered for last call. They cleared their tabs (she wouldn’t let him pay for the one beer she had of course) and made their way out the bar. Daryl pulled out his new phone and was trying to figure out how to look up the phone number for the only cab company in King County.

“New phone?” Beth’s voice startled him, which it shouldn’t have as she had moved outside with him. He nodded his head and answered. “Yeah and I can’ figure out shit on it.” She laughed and showed him the Google bar and how to look up what he needed. He called them and they sat on the bench to wait the twenty minutes for a cab to ride. She had only had the one beer and a shot hours ago and was completely sober at that point, so she was gonna drive herself home. They talked a bit more about their jobs (“I don’t mind the kids. They make me laugh a lot”) and just general conversation. He hadn’t even realized she had his phone until the cab pulled up to the curb in front of them. She handed it over and smiled that bright smile at him.

“It was nice to meet you Daryl. If ya ever wanna throw peanuts at your brother again, give me a holler.” She was bright and confident when she spoke and Daryl was just a little more than shocked when she stood on her tiptoes, laid her hand on his arm, and leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. He didn’t even have a chance to respond before she spun around and made her way to her car. She entered it, cranked it, and pulled away with a jaunty little wave. Daryl stared for a moment before the cab driver cleared his throat. Daryl shook himself out of it and got in the car, dazed at the young woman who had kept his attention with ease all night long.

It wasn’t until the next day he noticed the number in his phone. It was under Beth with a little heart and a music note next to it. He was nervous, not exactly sure what “proper protocol” was when it came to texting a woman. So he sat on it that day and then the next. That didn’t mean the little blonde wasn’t one his mind of course. He thought about her smile and laugh, they was she got enthusiastic about her students and family, and of course the way she teased Merle and got away with it.

But today he gave in. It was Saturday and he had spent half the day building up the courage. Merle wanted to hit that bar again and Daryl was inclined to agree, especially if there was the chance of running in to Beth. So around 6 p.m. he sucked it up and sent Beth a text message. Nothing fancy of course. Hey, it’s Daryl. From the bar? Anyways, Merle and I are heading back. Want to throw some more peanuts? He thanked the good Lord for autocorrect because he was sure he had misspelled half the words with his large fingers on the tiny keyboard.

That was three hours ago and now he was sure he had blown it. He was sure he should’ve texted her that next day damnit. He wasn’t aware of the goings on around him anymore. If he had been, he would’ve noticed the little stage area next to the dance floor had been cleared and now only housed a microphone on a stand, a stool, and guitar. He would’ve have also noticed a little blonde walk in through a side door and stand next to the stool. He didn’t even pay attention when the people started applauding and whistling. But he did pay attention when he heard Merle again. “Well, well, what we got here? Little thing gonna sing us song!”

Daryl finally turned his gaze away from the beer bottle and turned to the stage. And there she was, looking sweet and perfect in tight blue jeans and snug dark blue tee shirt. Her hair was loose around her shoulders and she was smiling that big ol’ smile that drew him in. She was looking around the room as if she wanted to spot someone. When her eyes landed on his, her smile grew even bigger (how was that even possible?!) and she leaned over to pick up the guitar. She sat on the stool and adjusted the microphone before tuning up her guitar. Finally, she cleared her throat and strummed a note.

“Hey y’all! So I’m Beth. I wanna thank Dale for lettin’ me sing a few songs tonight. No throwin’ nothin’ at me, he’ll kick ya out!”

The crowd chuckled (he did too of course) and she began. It was an old Judd’s song, “Young Love” and Daryl was entranced. She hit every note perfectly and her fingers strummed the guitar like it was a part of her. He stared as she sang of two people falling in love, making it through a simple life, and the beauty that was their dedication to each other. He continued to stared as she went through a couple more songs, some older country (she did particularly well on an old Reba McEntire song), some newer country (he wasn’t sure what a “Girl Crush” was, but he loved her singing about it) and even one or two originals (now he really wanted a beer to shotgun). His eyes never left the woman on stage and hers seemed drawn to him frequently. After her last song, she stood to take a bow to raucous applause and loud whistles, especially from his brother. Daryl could see the wheels turning in his brother’s head and moved to intercept quickly.

Daryl startled his brother as he stood from his stool and made his way across the crowded room to the stage. Beth had just stepped down and was receiving high fives and hugs from what Daryl assumed was her family and friends. She finally spotted him through the crowd and weaved her way to meet him.

“Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t answer you earlier. Daddy needed some help with a sow and I just barely made it here in time.”

So she hadn’t been ignoring him, she had been busy. Internally, Daryl was breathing a huge sigh of relief. Outwardly, he shrugged his shoulders and smirked. “It’s a’right. Com’on, let’s get a beer.” She smiled again at him and that’s when he knew. It was gonna take some work on his part, but he was gonna make her his girl. And something told him, she wouldn’t mind at all.

Doesn’t Really Matter – A Walking Dead Fanfiction

A/N: This happened after hearing this particular song on the radio one day on the drive home from something. I just pictured Daryl for some reason with all his insecurities about himself. 4699 words later, I created this little prison AU. So enjoy and let me know what you think! Thanks!


“I just don’t get why! Help me understand!”

Beth stood before Daryl, hands firmly planted on her hips as she narrowed her eyes at her….lover? Well the term lover implied there was a physically intimate relationship between two people and they weren’t there yet.

Not even close, much to her dismay.

You would think a man of Daryl’s stature would be chomping at the bit to get between the sheets with his nubile, young “lady friend” but you would be wrong. It wasn’t from lack of trying on her part, but between an absence of a private enough place, little time together, and major insecurity on Daryl’s part, the furthest place his hand had ventured was up her thigh and that was by accident.

And then there was this argument.

They had discussed it ad nauseam. Beth was ready to go public. They had been secure at the prison for almost two years now since Daryl had eliminated The Governor. They had professed their feelings for each other nine months ago and while at first it had been nice keeping it to themselves, Beth was ready for them to be open with their family. She wanted to stay with him at night, hold his hand under the table, smile at him, and hug him without having to wonder if anybody saw.

Most of all, she want to make love with the only man she ever had and ever would love.

She had absolutely no shame in being with Daryl. And she knew he didn’t either. His problem was fear. For the man that “ain’t afraid of nothin’!” he sure carried a large amount of it when it came to her. And she understood, really she did. She was young, 19, probably 20 by now. He was twice her age and a million times more life experiences than she had. He was rough in character and outward appearance where she was soft, kind, light, and happy. People were easily intimidated by just his presence. Beth walked into a room and they fell all over themselves to help the “delicate” woman.

But they both knew better. Daryl was soft and gentle for her, sharing his secrets and showing vulnerability in the few quiet moments together. Beth showed her strength and tenacity in protecting her family. From Hershel to little Judith, she made sure they were all provided for. They were the perfect balance for the other and it was time to share that with everyone.

So now they stood in the guard tower, eyes holding each other in place as Daryl fought for a proper explanation. Beth didn’t understand and Daryl couldn’t find the words to explain. “I’ve told ya, girl! They won’t understan’ it! They’ll think I don’ brainwashed ya or sumthin’. They’ll talk ya outta this, pull ya away an’ I just can’t stand the thought of ya finally seein’ me as everyone does.” Daryl paused, taking a deep breath. “I’m scared to death you’ll finally see the asshole loser that I am and then you’ll finally run like ya shoulda to begin with.”

The last was said with his head hanging, the shame of a life spent being told you were no good taking over him. Beth stepped as close to him as she could and grasped his face with both hands, pull it up so she could meet his eyes. “Daryl, you know none of that is true. You are everythin’ to me and so much more to this family than you realize.” She lowered her hands to his hips, but maintained eye contact. “Without you, there is no way we would have survived. Not that winter on the run, not through everythin’ we have experienced. And it ain’t just because of you are an amazin’ hunter or that you took out The Governor. You provide strength when our leaders need it. You are Rick’s right hand, an ear for Carl when he can’t talk with his dad. You are a wonderful caretaker for Judith and her favorite adult besides me and her daddy.”

Daryl’s lips quirked into that half smile she loved so much. “Please Daryl. You know in your heart, no one will protest this. They may question why we kept it quiet or may be shocked initially, but once that passes, they will be happy for us. I promise.”

They held eye contact for a moment before a door opening at the base of the tower broke them apart. Daryl cleared his throat uncomfortably and lowered his eyes again. “You sure you wanna go out there?” Daryl questioned. Beth nodded. “Yeah. Judy is growin’ like a weed and needs new clothes and shoes. I’m hopin’ this store has what we need and I’m the best one at findin’ the right sizes for her.” Daryl nodded and grabbed her hand, squeezing it quickly before the trap door of the tower popped up and revealed Rick.

“Ready Beth?” he questioned. Beth nodded at Rick as he held the door for her. Rick glanced between her and Daryl before fixing his gaze back on her, eyebrows raised. Beth smiled at the man. “Let’s go sheriff!”


The town was surprisingly quiet when they initially made their way through. Only a few walkers roamed the streets and Michonne was quick to dispatch them once the group exited the big truck they came in. Michonne and Rick were hitting the grocery store while Beth and Glenn were going to raid the Dollar General.

Beth loved these stores before the world went to shit. They were filled with a hodge podge of cheap things and they needed everything they could get. Her first target was quickly eliminated as she went straight through the clothes section. She really lucked out there. While most bigger stores were primarily stocked with summer clothes when the dead started rising, this store still had a large supply of winter items on the “Yellow Dot” clearance rack. With winter quickly approaching, Beth stocked up on plenty of clothes, shoes, socks, and unders not only for Judith, but for Carl and the other kids they had acquired over the past two years. She even found a cute pair of Ugg style boots she hoped would fit Judith.

Next she hit the adult clothing for jeans and shirts and more under things. She didn’t know everyone’s size, but they would go in the community stockpile. Beth did keep a pair of men’s jeans, a flannel shirt (that she was sure the sleeves would get ripped off of!), and a pack each of undershirts and boxers in her personal backpack for Daryl. She blushed at the boxer shorts but kept them anyways. She grabbed her own set of clothes to stuff in the bag before declaring that section done.

Beth placed the duffle bags full of clothes by the front door to be taken to the truck when they left and went in search of Glenn. She found him in the hygiene section, raking soaps, shampoos, and deodorants in his bag. “Got all the clothes done?” he asked. Beth nodded and Glenn grinned at her before tossing another bag her way. “Go ahead and start on the food section. There should be a bit left that’s good. I don’t know how this place hasn’t been hit, but I’m not gonna argue with it!”

Beth chuckled as she grabbed the bag and made her way to the canned and boxed goods. It took a while but she eventually had another full bag of vegetables, soups, and boxed pastas. As she made her way to the front of the store to drop the bag Glenn hollered that he was almost done in the paper towels and toilet paper and she decided it was okay to browse for a minute.

Beth had always loved perusing clearance bins. You never knew what you were going to find in there. Everything from mismatched items, old “Top 25 Hits” CD’s, to movies from her childhood. There was one such bin at the front of the store stacked full of old DVD’s. There were off brand copies of Snow White and Cinderella, a couple of Jerry Lewis movies, and some random comedies. She even found a “Special Edition” of Titanic.

But what caught her attention was a two-pack of “The Nutty Professor”, the “new” ones with Eddie Murphy. Beth honestly loved those movies. It wasn’t that they were particularly good or bad or anything like that. But they were fun, Eddie was HILARIOUS in all his different character personas, and they carried a good message, especially the second one. Sherman Klump finding love no matter what he thought about how he looked was inspiring.

A nostalgic smile crossed her face as she turned the case over in her hand. She had just about worn out her DVD player one summer watching movies in her room. Maggie and Shawn were out living their lives and she hadn’t much else to do. Her eyes landed on the group picture on the back and her mind drifted to the end of the second movie and the song that Janet Jackson sang.

It was a silly song really, happy and light and she could remember dancing around her room, singing it into her hairbrush. Her younger body moved awkwardly, rhythm not really developed, but it was a happy memory. It was nice to think about now, to remember happier times on the farm without pain. So much bad had happened at the end that it was harder to keep that image in her head. The good should really outweigh that. It was time to bring the happier memories forward and keep them there.

Beth was just humming the chorus of the Janet Jackson song when Glenn appeared at her side. “Nutty Professor? Really?” She smiled at him brightly. “Just some fond memories” she replied. Glenn smirked and nodded toward the door. “Time to load up and check on Rick and Michonne, make sure they didn’t get ‘distracted’.”

The both laughed as they grabbed the bags next to the door and started making their way to the truck. It took a couple of trips, but they were quite satisfied with their haul. They had just tossed the last bag in the bed when Rick and Michonne emerged from the grocery store across the street. They were pulled two carts each and with Glenn and Beth’s help, the got them loaded safely in to the truck. Rick closed and patted the tailgate. He glanced around cautiously, checking for walkers one more time. “We ready?” he asked. Everyone nodded and got into the cab of the truck. Beth looked out the window as they left the town. And just in time it seemed. There was a small herd of walkers heading into the area from the east. It seemed the truck hadn’t been noticed though, so they easily made their way out of town and back to home.


Avoidance seemed to be Daryl’s M.O. Whether intentional or not, it always happened when he was made to confront issues. He more often than not made himself scarce in order to clear his thoughts. People may have thought he was cold because of that. But the truth was he needed the quiet to think. He had spent so much time alone growing up that the crowds (even as small as they were now) and noise of the prison were just plain overwhelming.

So while the run crew had been gone, Daryl had made his way into the woods. The pretense was he was hunting, which he most certainly was. But his main goal was to clear his head after his… discussion with Beth.

God he loved that woman. She was everything good and pure in this hell on earth. While everyone became cold and hard, pessimistic in every circumstance, Beth remained bright and cheerful. She was optimistic when they brought in the people from Woodbury, when Daryl started his hunt for the governor, and every single time someone appeared at their gate. She wasn’t naive about things, far from it. They had talked extensively about the realities of their world and things that had and could go wrong. Beth just refused to let it get to her, refused to break and give in to it.

Daryl was the antithesis of Beth. He was dark, introspective, and wary. He wanted to save the people of Woodbury but was distrustful of them. When he was searching for The Governor, he had little real hope of actually finding him. That was until he did. It was pure luck he caught him on the roof of that RV, hitting golf balls like he had not a care in the world. Then he started arguing with the man with him. A man Daryl recognized from their conversation outside the building where Rick had met The Governor.

The Governor had just grabbed Martinez by the collar when Daryl finally got his shot and took it with no hesitation. The bolt sunk into The Governor’s stomach, dropping him to his knees. Martinez stared dumbfounded as Daryl ascended the ladder on the side of the RV. He kept his crossbow trained on the Hispanic man as he approached.

The Governor rolled onto his back to face his death. He didn’t seem surprised to see the hunter, maybe just a bit resigned. “So you found me? Where’s Michonne? I figured she would be the one to finish me off.” Daryl just smirked. “Naw, I’m the hunter.” He glanced at Martinez who kept his hands in the air, seemingly frozen. Daryl lowered the crossbow pointing at him, moving it to focus instead on The Governor’s head. The injured man chuckled, spitting blood from lips. Daryl just stared him down, remembering the pain this man had caused. The attack on Maggie, torturing Andrea and causing his death, the attack on the prison, all of his “citizen’s” he mowed down with a thought. Merle.

It was the image of his brother chewing on the entrails of a fallen Woodbury soldier that was the final straw. Daryl pulled the trigger, bolt flying true in the middle of the one-eyed man’s skull. There was a solid THUNK on the top of the RV as his head hit the metal. It was done, finally.

Daryl eyed Martinez. He was still frozen, hands still in the air and eyes wide, clearly anticipating a similar fate. “Do ya have other people?” Daryl’s voice was rough, filled with all the hatred he had for the man that now lay dead before them.

Martinez’s voices was shaking as he answered. “Uh… yeah, a small group. He was… well the leader I guess.” Daryl nodded and stooped to pull the bolts from the body. He wiped them carefully on the dead man’s pants before reattaching them to the crossbow. Daryl eyed the lake before them and turned to Martinez.

“I was never here.” Daryl stated. “You were down at the dock. A walker reached up and grabbed his leg, pullin’ him under before ya could get to him. He’s just gone.” Martinez nodded, knowing any other answer could get him shot. Daryl motioned him to grab the legs of the body. Together they wrestled the body down the RV and to the dock. They tossed him unceremoniously into the water. A walker that had been dormant in the water quickly grabbed the body, pulling it to its mouth to devour. Daryl didn’t care. He turned his back to the water and began making his way to the woods.

Before he fully entered the woods, he paused, looking over his shoulder. Daryl met and held Martinez’s eyes for several long moments. “If I see ya, hear ya, catch a whiff of yer obnoxious scent, hell even THINK yer anywhere near me or mine, that” he pointed emphatically at the lake. “That will seem like a mercy. Don’t follow, find a different path away from the prison. Leave us be.”

Daryl was never more grateful for Beth than that night. He had taken a risk going to her cell, but the block was empty. It was just her and a sleeping Judith. He had laid his head in her lap and told his story as she stroked his hair. When he was done, he sat up to look at her. “That was me Beth. I’m a hunter – animal or man, don’t matter. I have no problems killin’, no worries about takin’ people out.”

Beth had just shaken her head. “No Daryl, you are so much more than that. You are kind, gentle with me and our whole family. You are passionate about protectin’ your family and community.” She cupped his cheeks and he leaned into her hands. “You are everythin’ this place needs, everythin’ I need.” Her big, sapphire eyes held his, boring into his soul. “I love you Daryl, no matter what. Inside and out, you are perfect for me.”

It was the first, but most certainly not the last, time she had said that to him. He had kissed her then, as gently as he could and with as much love as he could impart. When he pulled away, he kept his lips close to hers and whispered “I love ya girl. I don’t know why you care, but I’ll take it.”

The memory of that night floated through his mind as Daryl tracked a deer. It would be good eating tonight. He thanked the Lord that tracking was second nature to him and he could think. And really, he need to straighten this out with Beth.

He knew what she wanted, what she really deserved. Beth was the kind of girl you showed off, not hide away like some kind of dirty secret. And she was in no way that to him. She was perfect. It wasn’t her, not one little bit.

It was him.

Daryl never thought himself worth anything, much less any kind of love. He was nobody, nothing. The only thing he had ever done with his life was follow Merle around. But now? He had responsibilities, people depended on him to hunt, protect them. There were people that looked to him for answers, to solve problems, and settle disputes. And he had the love of a woman he didn’t feel he deserved.

Despite all that however, Daryl just knew people would not accept a relationship between the hard redneck and the soft princess. They may like what he provided, but he knew what they thought of him: trash, loser, asshole. He saw the way people hesitated around him, sheltered their children, or just flat out avoided him as much as possible. The only exceptions were his family, his core group. They knew him better, as much as he would let them. They had been through hell together and they at least knew he was more than the others perceived. They would still question it though. And could hear them now:

How long has this been going on?

Did he persuade you Beth, influence you?

Why’d you hide it?

Are you being forced?


And that was the big one because he couldn’t answer it. He didn’t even understand it really. Why would such a… shit perfect was the only word he could think of. Why would such a perfect person want to be with him? She deserved so much better than he could ever give her.

His bolt flew true, straight into the deer’s heart. Birds startle out of the tree next to the deer, forming a black cloud in the sky. Daryl watched as they flew away, a swirl of black feathers and noise. They faded into the distance, taking his thoughts with him.

Daryl had finally come to a conclusion, one he needed to share with Beth as soon as possible. He pulled the bolt from the felled deer and slung the animal over his shoulders. He turned and gazed at the sky again. The sun was setting and he knew the run group should be back. Good he thought. The sooner the better.


Rick greeted Daryl at the gate, smiling as the rough man pulled the deer from his shoulders, giving them a well-deserved break. “Only one today. Was a little warm for ‘em.” Daryl said. Rick just smiled and patted Daryl’s back. “Hey, we got plenty of veggies, plus I think we hit the rice jackpot at that grocery store. We’re good.” Daryl nodded, pulling his thumb from his teeth where he had nearly gnawed all the cuticle off. “A’ight then.”

Rick glanced around the area before leaning closer to Daryl. “Beth is in the laundry are, sortin’ the clothes she got.” Daryl reared back slightly, lifting scared eyes to his friend. Blue clashed with blue as he tried to figure out what exactly knew, or at least thought he knew. Had Beth already said something? Did she get enough of his bullshitting around? Rick just chuckled and squeezed the shoulder he still had a hold of.  “It’s ok. I saw the way you two were this morning.” Rick paused, keeping his eyes locked on his friend’s. “If I’m being honest, I’ve noticed bits and pieces here and there. Just little things I don’t think anyone else noticed. But,” he smirked, “I was trained to notice things.” He winked at Daryl.

Daryl sighed. Here it came. You can’t go there man. She’s too young. Whatever this is, you need to stop it right now. He straightened his stance, still holding the other man’s gaze. He wasn’t gonna deny it. Rick was too smart, he knew the score. “Yeah? What about it?”

Rick raised his hands in surrender. “Hey man, it ain’t like that.” Slowly lowering his hands to his hips, Rick leaned forward slightly. “Look, I get it. Happiness is a rare thing nowadays. You find it where you can.” Rick’s eyes wandered the courtyard, landing on Michonne as she talked with Carl and held Judith in her arms. He smiled gently and turned back to his brother. “Embrace it. Don’t be scared of it. I don’t think you’ll find as much opposition as you are thinking you will.”

Daryl continued to stare for a few more moments before nodding his head. He hauled the deer back over his shoulders and carried it over to the grill pavilion. Carol greeted him with a smile and a hearty thanks. He nodded and made his way into the cell block. Getting to the perch where he slept, he dropped his backpack and settled the crossbow against the wall. He stood there a moment, going over what Rick had said one more time. Finally nodding his head, he took off. It was decided, no going back now.

Daryl left the cell block, going down the semi-dark hallways to the laundry area. He counted himself lucky he met no one on his way there. Not having an audience would make this a bit easier.

As he rounded the corner leading to the laundry, he heard her. Daryl couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face. She was always singing something, not that he minded. He loved her voice and made sure to tell her as often as possible.

This time she was singing something light and happy. He didn’t know the name of the song, but he caught pieces of it. Something about someone being “nutty” over someone and not caring what others say or think. How appropriate he thought, smirking to himself.

Daryl quietly opened the door, not wanting to interrupt her. Beth was elbow deep in a duffle bag, pulling pieces of clothing out one at a time before putting them in their appropriate pile. This went on for a few minutes and when the bag was empty and the song was done, Beth paused for a moment. It was almost as if she was waiting on the music to start back up. She smiled ironically then heaved a sigh, shaking her head. Daryl knew what she was thinking about and knew he had the solution she so desperately wanted.

As she grabbed the empty duffle bag and stood, Daryl cleared his throat, finally making his presence known. Predictably, Beth humped, her hand covering her heart as she turned to the door. “Daryl,” she scolded. “You scared the beejeebus out of me!” Daryl just gave her a little smirk before walking towards her. He didn’t even notice he left the door open. “Where were you? I didn’t see you when we got back.”

Daryl stopped in front of her, reaching his hand to tuck a stray curl behind her ear. He loved those curls, the way they would go wild on the rare days she left her hair down. Or even when they escaped her ponytail and braid. They were untamable just like her spirit, just like her. He let his fingers linger on her face and Beth closed her eyes, relishing in the simple yet intimate touch.

“I’m sorry.” His voice was low and full of remorse. The gravel in it betrayed how deep his apology ran. He was sorry, immensely so. “I know I shoulda done a lot of things different with ya. I am so proud to be yers and for ya to be mine. I know I don’t deserve ya, but for the life of me, I can’t deny how much I love want ya. And I will spend however long I have on this earth showin’ you exactly how I feel. I’m ready Beth. Whatever ya want. Ya want me to shout it from the guard tower? I’m on my way there now. Anythin’, everythin’. It’s yours.”

Beth just stared, eyes wide and mouth agape. She couldn’t believe he finally agreed. No more hiding, no more looking for a few moments here and there. Now they could be themselves. Finally regaining control of her face, Beth’s mouth pulled into a big smile. She put her hands to face and brought their foreheads together. “Well, let’s start smaller” she whispered, amusement clear in her voice. She leaned back slightly to catch his eyes. “We can tell my dad, Maggie, Rick, and probably Carol. They’re the ones that need to hear it directly from us. No one else matters, as long as I’m yours.”

Daryl held her gaze and chuckled. “Considerin’ Rick has already caught on, we ain’t gotta worry about him. But, yeah, the rest we can do.” Beth nodded happily and Daryl pulled her close, just wanting to hold her a moment and absorb her joy. He cupped her face and brought her lips to meet his. It was a tender kiss filled with promise and hope. A promise of more to come, much more than sneaky kisses and very limited touches. It was of many long nights spent with each other, learning each other’s bodies, and fulfilling desires that were burning deep in them. And hope of other things to come: a lifetime spent together, caring for each other and whoever else came along.

As his lips glided over hers, Daryl knew that from that moment on, he would do whatever this woman asked of him. It didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was keeping her happy and safe. They both were so lost in each other, they didn’t hear the footsteps coming down the hall. It was the voice that broke them apart.

“Well about damn time!” Carol’s voice was full of humor and delight. “Come one, dinner’s just about ready. I was just comin’ to let Beth know.” She turned back towards the exit, chuckling and shaking her head.

Beth just smiled at Daryl who smirked and grabbed her hand. Together they made their way out, their love for each other never more obvious than right now. They knew they would be okay. It didn’t matter what other’s saw of thought they knew. All that mattered was their love for each other and that would continue on as long as they walked this earth. They paused at the doorway and shared one more glance and a nod. Together, they stepped through the doorway, hands still clasped and shoulders high, ready for their future.

Two more chapters!

Are posted! Whooray! And kids are getting back to school finally. Man I know they love summer, but it’s been excruciatingly hot this year and we have not been able to do anything outside. One started last Friday and the other will be starting kindergarten Monday. Hopefully this will mean more updates to come 🙂 Thanks all for the support and love 🙂

Yes I know know

Sooooo I finally figured out how to work in the Pack boys that we all know and love lol. And I know it’s a method that has been used before but! I have no shame and it works so imma use it lol. I have the next chapter written, just have ever to find 5 mins to type. Which will hopefully be today. 

Thanks for ur patience 🙂 



Yes, I am writing again. Hopefully I shan’t burn out. You can find me here with some Charming Relief and on under the same user name. Hope you enjoy!!

This is one of my first one-shots written a while back.  I actually used part of this scene in my Multi-Chapter “Redemption” but I figured I’d post this here.
So! This is a Paul POV about Bella.  He’s got a mouth on him, so fair warning!  This is rated M for that reason.  Inspired by Brett Eldridge “Don’t Ya”

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Yay for bonfire night…….NOT. Sitting here, watching all the imprints snuggle up and happy. I mean come on guys! Where did your balls go? Oh right, in your lady’s purse. I guess the only really good thing about these things is the food, stories, and occasional pretty stranger wandering up just ready for me to sweep off their feet.
Oh look, here comes baby alpha with the leech-lover. Damn if she hadn’t been with that Cullen guy, I might take a stab at it. That is if Jacob would ever retrieve his head from her ass and let her alone long enough to talk to anyone besides the girls. But that doesn’t mean I can’t admire those legs from afar. Thank the gods for warm summer nights! Cut-off jeans, tiny tank tops, bare feet. Yeah I like bare feet. Sue me. And now the music is playing. All the girls are gathered, shaking their asses just for us. Does she even know the show she is giving me right now? Wait, did she just look at me? With that lip in between her teeth? Oh fuck me, she did. She’s whispering to Emily now. Oh shit I’m going to lose it. I am having entirely inappropriate thoughts about the leech-lover.
Finally everyone is here and we can eat! Don’t you people know I’m a wolf and I need nourishment?! And she keeps glancing at me. She won’t meet my eyes, but I can tell she wants something from me. She want a good ol’ roll in the hay? Maybe she wants to know how it feels to be with someone warm blooded. Oh and I am sure it was just “coincidence” that she reached for some chips the same time I did. Yeah, don’t believe that for a minute. She has to know what she’s doing. She’s driving me absolutely nucking futs!! Dancing with Emily and Kim, laughing with Quil and Embry, shifting your way closer around the circle toward me. You’re playing with fire little Swan and I just may be the one to burn you.
The stories are told again. Honestly, I love the way Billy and Old Quil tell them. It may sound corny, but there’s a certain magic that I feel every time I hear them. And to watch the others listen is even better, especially ones that have not heard them as often as I have. Watching Bella enthralled by the Third Wife story, I can tell she loves them as much as I do. She’s sitting between Jacob and Billy and I am right across the way, far away enough for it not to be obvious I am watching her, but close enough to see her smile, hear her sighs, and smell her strawberry fragrance. It is becoming intoxicating. Old Quil finishes his tale and I watch as she closes her eyes and sigh, a small smile playing on her lips. Then she finally looks directly at me. Oh…Shit… Yeah, kinda glad I am not phased right now because I am sure if Jacob just saw what I did he would fucking kill me. The one thing in the world that I never expected to happen to me, never really wanted to happen to me, especially on Bella freaking Swan. I imprinted. My world stopped, everything shifted towards her. My world, my universe, my life became about her. Aw hell Jacob and Billy are leaving. What is she doing? She’s talking with him, pointing to Emily and Kim. Is she staying? Oh hell she is! Jacob is going! Does he realize he is leaving her completely unguarded and at my mercy?! I shouldn’t take advantage of her though huh. She’s ok with all this shape shifter and vampire shit. No need to throw this on her. No I’ll be good. Now she’s staring at me, nodding her head towards the beach. Shit. Shit. Shit.
The moon is shining, making her skin glow. Her hands are clasped behind her back as she stares out across the ocean. She shivers as a slight wind blows in, making her hair dance across her shoulders. Fuck me, she’s beautiful. “Paul,” she says just barely above a whisper. I close my eyes savoring the sound. “I really hope what I think happened really happened. Because if it didn’t……. Well I’m still going to do what I want.” She turns towards me, bottom lip firmly clasped in her teeth. I can’t help the groan that escapes my throat. “Yes Bella. That happened.” I tell her. I know I sound a little unsure, but I can’t help it. What happens if an imprint rejects their mate? Will she just want to be friends? She starts walking towards me, a predatory gleam lighting her eyes. “Good.”
Next thing I know her hands are in my hair, her legs around my waist , my hands on her lush ass, lips wrestling for dominance. Sweet god her lips are setting me on fire! Wait! Wait! What the hell?! “Bella!” I gasp. “Wait a minute, hold on, slow down for a second.” She stops her assault on my mouth but keeps her legs firmly wrapped around me. “You do understand what happened right? I imprinted on you. I’ll be whatever you want. I am hoping by your reaction that you want more than friends.” I have to make sure she understands. I want no regrets, no second guessing.
She smiles that smile that has been teasing me all night as she loosens her grip and stands before me. “Paul, I know about imprinting. It’s one of the first things Jacob explained to me after I figured out the whole werewolf thing. And I knew from the first time I saw you in that field, I felt a pull. I had to know you. So I stuck around, trying to figure out a way to meet your eyes. But you wouldn’t look at me. So tonight was my last ditch effort. You can thank Emily for the outfit.” Oh thank you Emily! I will be your bitch forever!

“So you understand that if we continue this,” I say waving my hand back and forth between us, “I may not be able to stop. I will claim you, I will mark you, and you will not have much of a choice.” I’m giving her one last out, one last chance to run away screaming like I honestly know she should. I am not a nice person. I am often rude, grouchy, crude, selfish. But she just nods her head.   “Yes Paul, I understand. And I want everything.” I smile brightly. Ha! Take that Jacob Black! She wants ME! I know this won’t be an easy journey. We’re gonna fight, yell, scream, and make up. And will it be worth it? 100% HELL YEAH!


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